The question, pure and simple, is: why? 

The answer, clean and innocent, is: because someone has to do it. 

Yes, but do what, exactly? 

This blog is -and will always be- an Ode to the most iconic cocktail in the world, of all eras. If you buy a cocktail book, you’ll probably see a Martini Cocktail on the front page. The Martini Cocktail is also a symbol of sharing and unity: a drink for black people, white people, men, women, everybody. Because the Martini Cocktail does not judge anyone and no one can judge your Martini Cocktail. Do you like it very dry? Good. Half and Half? Yes, sir. Stirred? Shaken? There’s no rules. Oh, well, there is one: ice cold glassware. 

Since his legendary birth, mysterious and fleeting, the Martini Cocktail has been served to all: from the story of the dirty gold digger whom has requested something new to the bartender Jerry Thomas, to the other legendary story on the opposite US coast -in New York- that involves an Italian bartender from Arma di Taggia and John D. Rockefeller. Gentlemen, Ladies, miners, doesn’t matter. Anyone can have his favorite Martini Cocktail. 

We want to tell some stories around this iconic cocktail, in his classic shape and according to the new cocktail style. Apparently three simple ingredients (yes, dilution is one of them), indeed hundreds different way to serve it. 

When making a Martini Cocktail, the bartender is not just preparing a recipe. He’s running after a Chimera. The perfect Martini doesn’t exist, but everyone want to try being a legend, stirring a legend. 

Doesn’t matter who you are: if you choose a Martini Cocktail, you don’t just drink a drink. 

You do have the thirst of Classic.